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Getting Started

Have you recently made a Dungeons & Dragons Online® account? Then you might be wondering how to start playing as soon as the game client is finished downloading -- this Getting Started guide is here to help!

Just follow this step-by-step walkthrough and you should be slaying kobolds, spiders and deadlier foes in no time flat. 

Logging In 


  • Use your Account name and password to log into the DDO Launcher


World Selection

  • Assuming you're playing DDO for the first time, select your persistent "world".


Beginning Character Creation


  • Press the "Create" button to begin the character creation process

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Creation Screen Breakdown


  • Let's take a brief pause to point out some important areas of the character creation screen:


1.   Choose between male and female characters at any time. This choice is cosmetic only.

2.   When in doubt, click the recommended button!

3.   Click here to return to the character screen.

Style Selection


  • Choose between the three basic styles of play in DDO, but more importantly – read the descriptions for each style on the right-hand side of the creations screen. These short breakdowns will give you an idea of what each style encompasses!


  • Once you've chosen a style, click on the "next" button to continue.


Class Type Selection & Tabs


  • Your Class choices will be presented on the left-side of the character creation screen, with the basic explanation of each class type displayed on the right-side window.
  • Tip: Take notice! The tabs on the bottom of the right-side window have very helpful info.


Selecting a Path


  • Each class in DDO is fully customizable, but there are pre-made "paths" that can help new players with pre-selected abilities and character statistics. Ultimately, all new players find themselves customizing their DDO character, but for now it's fine to just stick with a preset path.


Selecting Character Race


  • The next phase of Character Generation is choosing your race. There's a nice variety of options in DDO, and plenty of information in that right-side window with the tree tabs!


You Got The Look!


  • Finally, you can name and customize the appearance of your character. Note that the tiny "lock" icons will stop the Randomize button from affecting that trait whenever it's pressed

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  • When naming a character, choosing a Surname is completely optional – and it's only your first name that must be completely unique.


  • Tip: If you do want a Surname, note that it can contain both spaces and lore-appropriate apostrophes – like above image!


  • No matter what you do, make sure you have fun!

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