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Module 7 Patch 1 Official

DDO Release Notes: Module 7.0 Patch 1

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted July 2nd, 2008

Of Special Note

  • An error that caused players with full inventories to lose items when moving items between their bank and inventory has been corrected.
  • Some issues with the Friends list have been addressed.

UI Improvements

  • The one-click reporting tool text has been updated to clarify the use of the feature. It now reads as “Report Plat Spammer.”


General Spell Changes

  • Casting more than one blade barrier will no longer cause monsters to become immune to blade barrier.
  • Arcane casters will now correctly suffer spell failure when wearing armor.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

General Skill Changes

  • Fixed errors in monk character generation advice.

General Ability Changes

  • Monk Finishing Moves
    • Monk finishing moves that apply beneficial effects now generally stack with similar arcane effects, and have longer durations.
    • It is no longer possible to build Finishing Moves without the use of Ki.
    • Aligning the Heavens now functions as expected.
    • The Fire-fire-fire finishing move has been renamed “Breath of the Fire Dragon”, and no longer caps at 5d4 damage.
    • Due to the increased difficulty of completing an attack chain, the Save DC’s for Monk Finishers have been raised from 10 + Half Monk Level + Wisdom Modifier to 10 + Monk Level + Wisdom Modifier
    • Healing Ki’s text has been updated to state that it heals for 1d4 Hit Points, +1d4 for every 2 monk levels.


General Changes

  • Cleric
    • Using Divine Light no longer causes a Ki error message to appear for Clerics.
  • Barbarian
  • Barbarian Critical Rage I and II are now once again correctly level 11 and 14 enhancements.
  • Fist of Iron now properly adds to the unarmed critical multiplier
  • Way of the Badger now properly recovers Ki
  • Higher levels of Sun Stance now grant more Ki on critical hits.
  • The movement speed penalty of Mountain Stance has been reduced
  • Higher levels of Mountain Stance now grant more Ki when critically hit, and have increased Damage Reduction.
  • The thrown weapons speed bonus from Ten Thousand Stars has been increased.
  • Monk stances will correctly be removed immediately when you reset your enhancements.
  • Divine Sacrifice now deals 5d6, 7d6, or 9d6 light damage to any opponent on hit (instead of untyped damage that only affected evil creatures), and costs 5 Hit Points and 1 Spell Point rather than 10 Hit Points and 1 Spell Point.
  • Divine Sacrifice II and III also now properly increase their critical damage multipliers.
  • Way of the Assassin II special Assassinate attack is now working properly.
  • Sneak attacks no longer automatically draw you out of stealth mode. Note that your target will know where you are and will likely take great offense to being stabbed if you didn’t kill them outright.
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Rogue


  • The Stormreach Tailors Union has been very busy working with containers:
    • Players are now able to drag and drop items to remove them from containers (including Necropolis shield fragments). Trade away freely!
    • It has come to the attention of the Stormreach Tailors Union that quivers are extremely flammable! Flame arrows can no longer be put into quivers for the safety of unsuspecting adventurers.
    • It has also come to the attention of the Tailors Union that Power Crystals in the Titan Raid are not actually collectibles, and will therefore no longer fit or auto-gather into collectible bags.
  • Ouch! Having razor blades in your handwraps is a bad idea! Handwraps with Vicious effects will now properly damage their wielder.
  • The shield Levik’s Defender from the Subterranean Raid now has the mithral material type applied properly. Players who received the shield prior to the patch will need to place their item in the Stone of Change in the marketplace to get the effect applied. Researchers of the Twelve have determined there is no cost or extra ingredients required for this.
  • The Lorrik's Champion and Glacial Assault set item bonuses have been changed. They now provide Improved Devotion VIII and Improved Glaciation VIII respectively.
  • Elite quest runs of the Subterranean will no longer generate loot with incorrect stat types.
  • Behold! The descriptive text of the Subterranean raid loot has been updated to better reflect the dramatic and fascinating history of Xen’drik.


  • When using Essence of Cleansing on a greensteel item, it will now correctly become bound.


  • Xy’zzy, the Xoriat Hound of the Subterranean, is ever-changing, and is more terrifying than ever to apiphobes and the flora of the subterrane.


  • Rackam’s Trial
    • Fire traps that previously were broken will now activate.
  • Ghost of a Chance
  • Quest giver Marteen no longer gets confused about which quest he offers for repeat
  • Lotigath now gives out a collectible for your bounty bag when he is defeated.
  • Suulomades has vanquished so many adventurers that he could afford to do some remodeling and interior decorating, and has purchased a foyer. Inconvenient if you like to re-enter the raid, but this foyer comes equipped with a rest shrine for your buffing convenience before you head in visit him.
  • Cerulean Hills
  • Subterranean Raid: Vision of Destruction


  • The Tolmerolask, Marraenoloth of the Shroud, for its own nefarious purposes, has resumed its original nefarious plan of repairing items for visitors to the Shroud raid.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a text error appearing in character generation for the Monk ability Path to Flame.

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