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Update 5 Patch 1 Official

Release Notes: Update 5 Patch 1

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Wednesday, July 21st 2010.

News & Notes

UI Improvements

  • Quests that the player cannot enter on Epic (due to level restrictions or otherwise) will now have a lock on Epic difficulty, not an X.
  • True Reincarnated characters should now have their wings again.
  • Fog of War will no longer reset instantly when you re-enter an instance. Explored areas will remain semi-opaque for the previous three dungeons and previous three wilderness areas.
  • The currency display in the inventory panel allows players to correctly see their gold, silver, and copper totals again.
  • A tooltip has been added to the character sheet to better explain Monk Base Attack Bonus (BAB).


  • Components purchased from the Guild Reagent vendors in the House Kundarak Enclave will now work as expected. Components previously purchased from the Guild Reagent vendors were not updated and may still not work for you.

Guild Renown

  • A small guild renown bonus will now be awarded to guilds of 25 or fewer members.
  • There's now a separate "Guild Level Up" alert and "Guild Level Down" alert. Each of these contains the new guild level in the message.
  • Renown will now drop more often from monster kills.
  • Renown drops for monsters and chests have been increased for Elite and Epic difficulty quests.
  • The first decay at level 26 will no longer be abnormally large.
  • Drop rates for chests will now decrease more when playing quests under your level.

Guild Airships

  • The hook on the fore deck of the Windspyre Gryphon Airship is now functional.
  • The Stormglory vendor's option to open the DDO Store now works correctly.
  • The Stormglory Airship showroom models now represent the actual default color: blue hull, sail and elemental ring.
  • The Training Dummy's health has been reduced. Have at it!
  • We have dominated nature and removed lag-inducing weather from airships.


  • Fix for issue where hirelings were auto-teleporting to the player even though they were told to "stay."


  • Items with Empty Guild Augment Slots no longer have high minimum guild level requirements to equip. All such items are now set to have a minimum guild level of one. (Yes, you can create your own one-man guild if you like.) This change is retroactive to all such items.
  • Newly created Pale Lavender Ioun Stones now start at 20/20 charges instead of claiming to be 20/40. (There is no functional change, as these items are non-recharging.) Upgraded Pale Lavender Ioun Stones now have 50 charges instead of 20, are created at 50 charges, recharge 15 per rest, and lose charges based on spell level when absorbing spells. All newly created Ioun Stones now possess a Minimum Level of 2, and are Bound to Account on Equip. Ioun Stones that have had their Suppressed Power unlocked now all possess Minimum Level: 5 and are Bound on Acquire.
  • Siberys Spirit Cakes that were accidentally changed to be Bound to Character have been changed back to Bound to Account. Cakes received as rewards from the Vintage Old Sully's Grog quest on Korthos, however, will be Bound to Character.
  • Guild Renown Tokens no longer display a platinum value since they're not sell-able.
  • Small, Medium, and Large HP and SP Augment Gems will no longer cause Augment Slot Shrinkage upon expiring.
  • The Top Hat item has been repaired to no longer do a disappearing act on people's heads.


  • Dogs, wolves, and other monsters that have no ranged ability will no longer occasionally get permanently stuck in a flee state.
  • Human and Tiefling knife throwers have been taking lessons, and their knife throwing ability has been improved. The carnival Tiefling knife throwers took the advanced class, and have started to use poison on their throwing knives.
  • Carnival fire breathers are now more mobile while breathing fire.

Quest & Adventure Area Changes

Demon Sands

  • The Troglyte spawn rate has been adjusted, and has been limited.


  • Adjusted Rooftop so multiple versions of Roderic will not spawn and break the quest.

Vintage Old Sully's Grog

  • This quest now opens to the DDO Store page for the quest item.

Phiarlan Carnival

  • Rouge in House Phiarlan now properly bestows her quest series.
  • Fake Marks of Shadow will now have a different color when using Truesight.
  • The Marks of Shadow can now be targeted by mouse-click.
  • The Illusionary Giant can now be targeted by mouse-click.
  • The Marks of Shadow in the epic difficulty version of the Partycrashers quest now have dramatically fewer hit points.
Under the Big Top
  • Magician's Assistants are now properly scaled based on dungeon difficulty setting.
  • Malicia will no longer turn invincible and stop interacting with players
  • Malicia now deploys a dimensional anchor to protect her area against intruders. Well... to more or less trap them actually.
  • The color reference to the individual Wheels of Ill-Fortune will now appear in the Wheels' names, such as "Blue Wheel of Ill-Fortune," "Green Wheel of Ill-Fortune," etc.

The Snitch

  • There was a mephit in Epic difficulty that was merely elite instead of epic. He has received an upgrade.

General Quest Changes

  • Quest entrances that were previously black squares now look better.

Skills, Feats, and Abilities

  • Cooldowns can no longer be cleared before the cooldown has completed.


  • Trapmaking can now be purchased by characters that meet all prerequisites, but don't have 4 Rogue levels.
  • The Tireless Rage icon no longer shows up twice on the Character Sheet.


Death Aura

Death Aura and Lesser Death Aura now affect a number of targets equal to Caster Level.

Master's Touch

  • Master's Touch can now be cast on allies as a touch ranged spell, and lasts until rest. The Extend metamagic no longer applies to the spell since it lasts until rest.
  • Master's Touch no longer eats spell absorption charges.


Radiant Servant

  • The Radiant Servant's Positive Energy Burst and Positive Energy Aura granted abilities have been swapped. (Positive Energy Burst is now granted at tier one, and the aura is granted at tier two).
  • Radiant Servant Positive Energy Aura no longer stops working or changes its values when you attack or perform other actions. It is no longer affected by the Extend Spell metamagic.
  • Positive Energy Aura now affects a number of targets equal to Caster Level.
  • Positive Energy Aura no longer eats spell absorption charges.

Other changes

  • Fixed some dialogue typos.
  • Resolved some bugs that caused crashing.
  • Added new art.
  • The teleportation sound is now less disruptive to bystanders.
  • A gate crest in the gate to the Market that was loose in its socket has been repaired, and some strange weather patterns in a corner of the market have been fixed.
  • A wagon in House Kundarak thought it was a Gelatinous cube and engulfed another wagon. The wagon has been disciplined, and its victim was put out of its misery.
  • Various improvements to help with lag, especially in high DPS situations. The pit fiend is shaking in his scales.

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