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Update 8 Store Releases Official

DDO Release Notes: Update 8 Store Releases

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online®! These release notes were updated Monday, December 13th with the latest new releases to the DDO Store!

Rogue Hirelings - Released 12-13-2010

We're pleased to introduce the newest line of Hirelings: rogues! These hirelings can help you find and disarm traps, and more! Rogue hirelings offer excellent damage with their sneak attacks, and can be commanded to stealth through dangerous places! Some can even assassinate your enemies! Rogue hirelings are making their debut exclusively in the DDO Store under the Hirelings category!

Armor Appearance Kits - Released 12-13-2010

Armor Appearance Kits attach to existing armor sets to change your armor's appearance without losing the benefits of your real armor! Armor Appearance Kits can be toggled on and off in case you feel like changing to the old look of your armor, but it is not removable. Unbound armor that has an Armor Appearance Kit applied to it will become bound to account, while already-bound armor will retain its current binding. Each set has variations, color options, and unique accessories attached. The latest available appearance kits are:

  • The Leaf Line

Armor Appearance Kits can be found under the Cosmetics > Cosmetic Gear category of the DDO Store! You can sample the Armor Appearance Kits in designated trial zones prior to purchasing a permanent application. Armor Appearance Kit "dressing rooms" can be found in:

  • The Hammer and Chain in the Harbor
  • Second Gauntlet Goods in House Kundarak
  • The Lion's Head Armory in House Deneith

Armor Appearance Kit Remover - Released 12-13-2010

Carefully apply this special remover oil to a set of armor, clothing, or docent you are wearing to permanently remove (and destroy) an appearance kit that is currently attached to your armor. Once you use this remover on an item, there is no way to get the appearance kit back. Use with care! 1 use. Available under the Cosmetics > Cosmetic gear category of the Store!

Cookie Jars - Released 12-13-2010

Allows you to store stack of cookies and cakes in one inventory slot! Holds every type of cookie and jelly cake in the game. The cookie jars are bound to character. Available in two sizes!

  • Small Cookie Jar: stores up to 50 of 30 different types of cookies and cakes!
  • Large Cookie Jar: stores up to 250 of 30 different types of cookies and cakes!

Available under the Gear & Equipment > Storage & Bags > Collectibles Bags category.

Chocolate Covered Humbug - Released 12-13-2010

This holiday 'treat' gives you a stoic heart in the face of excessive holiday cheer and also protects you from Otto's dancing spells as well as command and hold spells for 10 minutes. This effect is Lasting and lasts through death and rests and cannot be dispelled. 1 use. Available under the Featured Items > Seasonal Items category.

Missile Toe - Released 12-13-2010

Eating these berries gives you an amazing boost of forward momentum even if you are standing still. Using them is like having the abundant step Monk ability and is incredibly useful when doing the ski jump in the Risian Games. 1 use. Available under the Featured Items > Seasonal Items category.

Figgy Pudding Spirit Cake - Released 12-13-2010

Casts a True Resurrection spell on yourself (even when dead) or another character, returning the target to life wherever accepted with full hit points. Also bestows 405 to 600 spell points and grants +2 stacking bonuses to all stats (ability scores) for 10 minutes. Note: Not usable in raids or public areas. 1 use. Available under the Featured Items > Seasonal Items category.

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