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DDO Release Notes: Stormreach Under Seige

Welcome to the Archival Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These "First Look" release notes were posted September 18th, 2006.

Of Special Note

The Cult of Madness has infiltrated the Waterworks and summoned forth a legion of outsiders from Xoriat! The harbor guards are ill-equipped to deal with a threat of this magnitude and you must return to the familiar grounds of your early days in Stormreach. The future of the city is in your hands! Enjoy this and four other adventures (CR 8-12) in our latest update –Stormreach Under Siege!

Game Performance

  • We have made some improvements to server performance.
  • Fixed some server problems that were leading to missing mail items.


  • The Spell Selection window should no longer crash the client.
  • You will no longer get hit with two death penalties if you logout or go link-dead while dead.
  • Some quest rewards were becoming permanently ransacked; this is now fixed.
  • Disease immunity items, and paladin and warforged disease immunities, now work properly against mummy rot.
  • The tavern in Necropolis is now named "One Foot Inn" and has a new flavor NPC to relate the tale of how it got the name.
  • Changed the language in character generation to clarify that Dwarves need to have martial weapon proficiency in order to receive proficiency in the dwarven waraxe, an exotic weapon, for free.
  • The spelling and grammar of the /sheathe (formerly /sheath) emote have been fixed.


  • The Heal spell (such as the one cast by the Brothers of the Silver Flame in taverns) will now properly remove Feeblemind.
  • Feeblemind can no longer be removed by Dispel Magic, Break Enchantment, and similar effects.


  • All corporeal undead are no longer immune to trip and improved trip - only incorporeal undead, such as wraiths and specters, remain immune to trip.
  • Constructs, vermin, and earth elementals are also no longer immune to trip, but because of their size, their weight, or the number of their legs, are very difficult to trip.
  • Also, vermin are no longer immune to stunning blow.
  • Dead mummies will no longer cause despair.
  • Charmed mummies will no longer cause despair in allied players.
  • The Warrior of the Six is now correctly tagged as Neutral Evil.


  • Repeating crossbows should once again be functioning properly - when you equip a repeating crossbow, you must first reload it before firing. These are delicate machines, and putting one in your backpack loaded is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot, or possibly more sensitive areas.
  • The Fighter Item Defense enhancement will now protect the Fighter's weapons when attacking as well as all of the fighter's items when being attacked.
  • If you have a shield and a wand/scroll/thrown-weapon equipped and are blocking, in most cases the shield will now take item wear, not the right hand item.
  • All adamantine weapons have been given a boost to their Hardness. This change will affect all existing weapons as well as newly created adamantine weapons.
  • The new brigandine armor introduced in the Twilight Forge Module will now appear properly on Drow.


Kaltrop, a student of monster behavior, has taken to frequenting the One Foot Inn. Kaltrop has some interesting information for adventurers regarding the special abilities of the Necropolis' inhabitants.


Gwylan's Stand

  • An influx of foolish adventurers into the area surrounding Gwylan's Stand has allowed the various monsters in the area to accumulate a little more treasure.


Bloody Crypt
  • The Lich is now the Black Abbot and not a generic lich.
  • Using the levers to open the east and west wings will correctly report that you used a lever, and not a book.
  • Salasso now wears the correct robe.
Bloody Crypt Junction
  • Using the waypoint to the burning heart will correctly place you at the side entrance room.
  • You can now see Brother Salasso at work on the Heretical Path from the junction.
  • Julia has outfitted her tavern with new tables and glassware.
  • The tavern now has a mapnote.
  • Kai-Teng and Dame Calla have unpacked many of their books and papers.
Tomb of the Burning Heart
  • Once the party has re-assembled after the split, the doors at the front of the dungeon will re-open, allowing anyone left behind to join back up.
  • Fixed several untargettable sarcophagi.
  • Fixed a group of inactive wights.
Tomb of the Crimson Heart
  • Several undead will no longer spawn on a wall.
Tomb of the Immortal Heart
  • Only one of each book will spawn.
  • Hell Hounds and Earth Elementals will no longer respawn.
Tomb of the Sanguine Heart
  • Fixed a broken trap.

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