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Update 12 Patch 1 Official

Release Notes: Update 12 Patch 1

Welcome to the Update 12 Patch 1 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011. These notes are subject to changes and additions.

Of Special Note


  • Four new weapons have been added to the Challenge vendors: A greataxe, khopesh, longbow, and rapier.
  • Level 8, 12, and 16 Challenge loot now has a Craftable effect that allows players to craft effects onto them with Cannith Crafting. Level 20 Challenge items will not get the Craftable effect, but will instead gain a second Augment slot; at tier two, the slot is colorless, at tier three a specific color (red, blue, yellow, or green) will be granted, depending on the item. Upgrading an item to tier three will make the item Bound to Character.
  • Consumables, from normal in-game potions to items that grant Crafting Essences, or small XP bonuses, are now available from Challenge Traders.
  • Challenge Supply Vaults now give multiple rewards when opened, and their contents have been weighted towards more interesting results.
  • All level eight, twelve, and sixteen Challenge loot items can now be upgraded.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some named Challenge items from being sold to vendors.
  • Previously-earned Star Objectives now award XP, although at a lower amount than for a first completion. XP will no longer be earned immediately upon completing a star objective, but will instead be rewarded upon completion of the Challenge.
  • Enemy casters have gained several caster levels.
  • The minimum level required to open Supply Chests has been reduced.
  • Challenge ingredients are now Bound to Account.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kobold Healing powerups from working correctly in some Challenges.
  • Players can now exchange 20 of one Challenge ingredient for 10 of another Challenge ingredient. The ingredients available for conversion are based on the level range of the ingredient, so ingredients that are awarded from high-level Challenges can be used to get other high-level Challenge ingredients, etc.
  • Some Challenge creatures have been weakened slightly.
  • The Life Replenish powerup will now heal for its entire sixty-second duration.


  • The Extraplanar Challenge Marilith and Lich bosses have been weakened a bit, and the spawn frequency of Fire Reavers, Ice Flensers, Succubi, and Jariliths has been reduced.

Kobold Island

  • The goal in Kobold Island: Short Cuts has been lowered to 300 Dragonshards, and the goal in the Epic version of Short Cuts has been lowered to 500 Dragonshards.
  • Kobold Island Challenge Extractors are now considered to be "buildings" for most spell effects, and no longer take some spell effects. Extractors can still be Repaired.
  • The objective panel in the Epic Kobold Island challenges now report the correct values.
  • Small Extractors will now display the correct map note icon when under attack.
  • Depleted Portals in Kobold Island: Short Cuts will no longer mysteriously become usable again.
  • A sub-menu has been created in the Extractors challenges that offer links to DDO Store items associated with the Kobold Island Challenges.
  • Smaller parties will be less likely to face two bosses guarding Large Extractors.
  • Killing monsters will now award points in all Kobold Island Challenges. Normal monsters will award one point, minibosses will award five points, and bosses will award ten points.
  • It is no longer possible to succeed at getting a Star for not having an Extractor destroyed, if an Extractor is destroyed, in Kobold Island: The Disruptor.

Lava Caves

  • Kobolds in the Lava Caves with giant crystals on their backs will now use kobold teleporters if the teleporters are located inside of power circles. These crystals are too large to go through regular, non-empowered kobold teleporters, however.

Dr. Rushmore's Mansion

  • Skeleton Key Crests now properly state that they can only be used once per run.
  • Fixed a location where it was possible for characters to become stuck.
  • An optional gate now properly awards time when opened.
  • Enemies will now spawn properly when using teleporters.
  • Gargoyles will no longer drop collectibles that cannot be picked up.

Additional News & Notes


  • Fixed a bug that was causing stealthed monsters to be visible, but untargetable.

DDO Store

  • Many weapons, armor and shields that can be purchased from the DDO Store can now be sold to vendors in the game.
  • DDO Store Rune Arms are now Bound to Character.


  • The Risian Altar now uses the barter system.
  • The planes of Eberron are shifting, and Festivult cookies and cakes have undergone changes, as usual.


  • Armors that saw their colors change in Update 12 are now colored correctly again.
  • Epic Challenge loot can now be cleared using an Altar of Epic Rituals.
  • The Ring of the Master Artificer (levels 16 and 20) and the Mournlode breastplate (levels 16 and 20) are now Exclusive.
  • Level 20 Calomel Handwraps now properly grant the Lifedrinker effect.
  • The Weaken Undead property on the level 16 and 20 versions of the Mournlode Chain and Mournlode Docent now apply properly to undead enemies.
  • The Epic Mournlode Breastplate can now be fully upgraded.
  • Level 16 Mournlode Warhammers, Mauls, Longswords, and Greataxes now have Greater Undead Bane instead of normal Undead Bane.
  • Pirate's Port will now only work in Crystal Cove.
  • Fixed a typo in the effect description for Ghostly.
  • The Manslayer effect on the Stalker's Ring now works correctly.
  • The Level 20 Frozen Tunic now grants Superior Ice Lore on its final tier upgrade.

Quests and Adventures

Phiarlan Carnival

  • Fixed a crashing issue involving the Illusionary Guide.

Ruins of Gianthold

Reaver's Fate
  • Upgrade tokens will now appear on Hard and Elite difficulties.

Secrets of the Artificers

The Master Artificer
  • An additional chest will now appear when the optional "Destroy Toven's Soul-Clensing Device" is completed before Toven is confronted and beaten. Items to upgrade Toven's Hammer can appear in this chest.

The Vale of Twilight

The Shroud
  • The normal end-reward list (not the 20th completion list) has been modified to offer better rewards. Vale of Twilight-specific items, and randomly-generated treasure, have been added to the mix. The chance of getting small or medium ingredients has decreased, and the chance of getting large ingredients has increased. The end reward list now also has a lower chance of producing duplicate items.

The Vault of Night

The Vault of Night
  • Velah's eggs can now be targeted and selected.

Skills, Feats, and Enhancements

  • The Artificer Past Life feat now has the correct icon.


  • A character's name now displays as red when dead in the large vitals UI.
  • Fixed a string table error that displayed instead of "Upgrade" on the Shared Plat buy button.

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