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Black Friday Sales Have Arrived!


Black Friday Sales Have Arrived!

Available through Monday, November 29th:


DDO Market:

85% off Masterminds of Sharn
60% off Fables of the Feywild


DDO Store:



Heroic and Epic Otto's Boxes!

Tenser's Weapon Box!


Double Bonus Points Plus is back!



Get twice the Bonus Points in the DDO Store along with a Lesser or Greater Elixir of Discovery through Monday, November 29th!


Black Friday Deals Continue:

75% off Heroic True Hearts of Blood
50% off Monster Manuals
35% off Sentient Toolkits
Available through Monday, November 29th!


Also on sale:

Dress to Kill! Get 25% off:
Mirrors of Glamering
Bypass Timers
Select Cosmetic Outfits
Hats, Helmets, and Hair Dyes
Now through December 2nd!

Weekly Coupon

Lasting Potion of Resist Sonic (+20) x5
Now through December 2nd!

Don't Forget: DDOQUESTS2021

Get all of our currently-available adventure packs for FREE through December 31st, 2021! Use the Coupon Code DDOQUESTS2021 through Redeem Code in the DDO Store (1/Account).
Read more at!

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