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Alignment Change

Alignment Change has been a long-requested feature, and we're excited to finally announce its release! Why would I need to change my alignment, you ask?

The main reason someone might change their alignment is to multiclass or reincarnate levels of an alignment-restricted class. The Monk class, for example, can only be taken if your alignment is Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral. Previously, if you had chosen Chaotic Good as your alignment, you would not be able to multiclass or reincarnate into a Monk. With Alignment Change, you can!

During your encounters throughout Stormreach you'll find weapons and other items that are alignment restricted. The ability to change alignment to be compatible with this item will save many a frustrated adventurer from throwing away the weapon of their dreams!

Changing your alignment is as simple as consuming a tome, however you'll need to be in a tavern to do so. Once you have your Alignment Change item, simply go into the tavern, double-click it, and get ready for a brand new inner you.

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