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Mabar Endless Night Festival Guide

Greetings, adventurers! Are you ready for some scary fun? Mabar, the Plane of Endless Night, draws closer to the world of Eberron, and there are some spooky side effects as a result! To commemorate the planar shift, we’re hosting the Mabar Festival of Endless Night! We’re here to talk about how the festival works to help you prepare for a hair-raisingly good time!

Mabar Arrives

Blood-red sky

You’ll know the festival is active when the sky above House Jorasco’s Airship Tower turns blood-red, and the undead take advantage of the endless night to roam freely through Delera’s Graveyard. The festival takes place primarily in the graveyard, so get your undead-slaying gear and make your way there! Everyone, including free players, can visit the public Graveyard even if they don’t own the Delera’s adventure pack! 



Participating In The Festival

There are two ways to participate in the Endless Night festival: 

The Graveyard

The restless dead are roaming in Delera’s Graveyard, and you need to kill them (again)! For each undead that you kill in the graveyard while the event is running, you’ll get a chance to receive ritual items such as a burnt-out black opal, a chipped skull, a cursed fingerbone, and more. All players in the same party are eligible to receive a ritual item when an undead is killed. Trade these ritual items to the Night Trader, who will give you Motes of Night in exchange, and advance your server closer to unlocking the second half of the event! The Night Trader can be found in the east section of the Graveyard.

Motes from the Night Trader can be used to barter with the Mote of Night Collector for potions, upgradeable equipment, summons, and more! Want to hunt undead outside the graveyard? If you drink a Draught of Midnight (available from the Night Trader, Perky Piotr, and the DDO Store under the Featured Items -> Seasonal Items category,) CR 2 and higher undead that you kill anywhere in game will also have a chance of dropping motes for you! 

Level Ranges For The Graveyard

When you first use the entrance into the graveyard from House Jorasco (or interact with Lantern Joe at the back of the graveyard), you will have the opportunity to enter the Mabar instance on various level ranges to suit your character's level. The bands are:

  • Level 1 through 5
  • Level 4 through 9
  • Level 8 through 13
  • Level 12 through 17
  • Level 16 through 20
  • Level 20 through 25

Note that the level ranges are the players' levels, not the monsters. Players also have the opportunity to enter a version of the graveyard where all levels are allowed. Each version only spawns monsters in a specific range. Please see the following chart in this guide for guidance on monsters' levels. 


It's The Night Trader!

Beware! Not all of the undead you see will be level appropriate – make sure you read the below chart to see what monsters are appropriate for you to fight! Slaying undead more than eight levels below your level will eventually result in a negative level penalty, and monsters more than four levels below your level will not drop ritual items, so fight what’s right!

If you do find yourself struggling, drink some Night-Black Coffee (available from Perky Piotr and the DDO Store under the Featured Items -> Seasonal Items category,) to get increased HP and SP regeneration, and to restore uses of bard songs and cleric turn-undead attempts.






CR 2, Max Player Level 5 


CR 4, Max Player Level 7

Skeletons                           Skeleton Mages


CR 6, Max Player Level 9 

Ghouls                                   Spectres

CR 8, Max Player Level11 

Wights                              Wraiths

CR 10, Max Player Level 13

Wight Reavers                       Skeletal Archmages

CR 12, Max Player Level 15 

Shadows                      Wight Priests

CR 14, Max Player Level 17

Blackbone Skeleton Warriors                Vampires*

CR 16, Max Player Level 19

Mummies               Wheeps

CR 18, Max Player Level 20

Frostmarrow Skeleton Knights    Mummy Lords

CR 23, Max Player Level 20

Mummy Avengers       Vampire Lords

(Red Named)       (Red Named)

Liches (Red Named)

Epic Monsters:

Hill Giant Warrior (CR20)  Hill Giant SHaman (CR20)


Frost Giant Soldier (CR22)         Frost Giant Yarl (CR22)

Cloud Gian Lord (CR24)      Cloud Giant Mage  (CR24)

Storm Giant Councilor (CR26)    Giant Lich Champion (CR30)

*Vampires can be killed by players of any level without penalty.


The Summoning Chamber:

Meet Joe Lantern

Motes aren’t the only things you’ll want to find during the festival. The Collector will also trade you an Ethereal Key. You can also obtain a key from the DDO Store, and even very rarely from slain undead in the graveyard! Why do you want an Ethereal Key? So you can enter the Summoning Chamber to mingle with other players and work together to defeat a very special enemy! 

When the Night Trader has received enough ritual items from all players on your server, Joe Lantern will summon the Spectral Dragon! An announcement will be made, and you will have 10 minutes to enter the Summoning Chamber before the Dragon arrives. The entrance to the Summoning Chamber can be found in the east portion of the Graveyard behind Joe Lantern, The Night Trader, and the Mote of Night Collector. Each chamber instance holds a maximum of 24 random players, and will be divided by level. Meet other players, get to know new people, and break the ice as you figure out how to defeat the Spectral Dragon! General chat will be separated by instance, and will likely be the most efficient way of communicating with everyone who is in your particular instance.


Each instance will contain players of the following level spreads:

  • Levels 1 through 8
  • Levels 9 through 14
  • Levels 15 through 19
  • Level 20 and up

Being in a party with someone will not guarantee that you join the same instance – though you can increase the odds of being in the same instance with your friends by entering the chamber at the same time!

This Spectral Dragon is on fire! 


Once the Summoning Chamber is open, you'll have 10 minutes to enter before the gates close and prevent anyone else from participating. The ritual begins once the altars within the Summoning Chamber have been activated, and the Spectral Dragon will appear! You’ll need to coordinate with your fellows to slay the Dragon before it escapes (see if you can figure out his weakness). If you find there aren’t enough adventurers in your instance, you can leave before the dragon defeats your party (or you defeat it) and have your Ethereal Key returned to you.

If you do manage to defeat the Spectral Dragon, you’ll be awarded a Spectral Dragon Scale for your trouble. This scale can be used to upgrade the items received from the Mote of Night Collector to their top tier!

After the Spectral Dragon encounter is finished, your server will need to turn in a specific number of ritual items (Joe will tell you how many are needed if you ask him) before the Dragon will be available to fight again.

Good hunting, and may you live to see the morning!


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