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The DDO Chronicle: Issue 339


In The News!

  • Introducing Double Bonus Points +! Receive a free Lesser Elixir of Discovery with any 700 - 4100 point bundle purchase and a Greater Elixir of Discovery with any 8850 - 33500 point bundle purchase now through July 7th!
  • DDO Bonus Days bring you a 40% Challenge Boost now through June 30th!
  • Honor Your Guild! Get 20% off
    • Astral Shards
    • Guild Renown Elixirs
    • 50% off Guild Charters
    • 50% off Guild Airship Beacons
    • Now through July 4th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you Long Lasting Supreme Ability Potion x5 with the Coupon Code LASTINGABILITY, now through July 4th!

Community Spotlights


Click here to watch Sharn Heaven And Hell Episode #3 with Draculetta and Pinesheen Needles!

Click here to watch HUGS Unlimited - Session 7 - Salvage Operation Part 1!

To nominate a player, email with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

How tall do you think the tallest building in Sharn is?

Comment on the DDO Forums here and you could win DDO Points!

Guild Hall

RoLLiNG TWeNTieS is a Lvl.121 guild on Cannith looking to expand.Daedalean Kraken ship with all buffs maxed out.New player friendly and helpful! (As we teach new player to be great players!) Just need to be actively playing is all we ask. (One month rule!) Contact: Warcane Warcanum Zaags.

Email with the subject line "GUILD HALL" to get your guild featured!

Fansite News

Click here to watch Brighter Days Ahead continue Sharn!

Click here to watch Warlock de nuevo - Día de Reaper con Hibernum!

Click here to read Something Got A Hold Of Me from Return to House of Grouse!

Click here to listen to DDOCast 563 - Masterminds of Sharn Review pt 4!

Click here to watch Bard Life with Doug Glendower - Gears of Gear!

Click here to watch The Damsels of DDO adventure in Sharn!

Click here to read Raids week 128 from Micki's Delirium!

Click here to watch DDO Sunday with Alex and Lynn!

Click here to watch D&D Night on DDOStream - Out of the Abyss! Episode 2!

Click here to watch DDOpl folks continue their Warforged adventures!

Click here to watch Shoe Cobble a Deep Wood Elven Stalker!

Click here to watch FreeDeeOh - Working the Water with Psyychoblonde!

Screenshot of the Week!

Propane checks out a ship and the moon in our 421st DDO Screenshot of the Week! Thanks, Propane, for sending in this week's screenshot.

Click here for the entire gallery!

Click here to learn how your screenshot could be the next Screenshot of the Week!

That's all for this week's edition of the DDO Chronicle. We'll see you next time!

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