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The DDO Chronicle: Issue 381


In the News!

  • DDO Bonus Days bring you +30% Guild Renown, now through May 10th!
  • Improve Your Character!
    • Get 30% off:
    • Select Stat and Skill Tomes
    • Tomes of Heroic and Epic Learning
    • Harper Agent Enhancement Tree
    • Now through May 14th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free Long Lasting Supreme Ability Potion x5 with the Coupon Code SUPREME5, now through May 14th!

Community Spotlights

Aldbar has put together a solo guide and walktrhough for Vision of Destruction! Click here for the video.

To nominate a player, email with the subject line "PLAYER SPOTLIGHT"

Guild Hall

Magefire Cannon is recruiting both new and returning players to join their active, growing guild on Thelanis! The guild has a large airship, a Discord server, and is led by a Twitch streamer. Click here for more information!

Email with the subject line "GUILD HALL" to get your guild featured!

If you could live in the house in Housekeeping, would you and why or why not?

Comment on the DDO Forums here and you could win DDO Points!

Fansite News

DDOcaSplat! kills dragons! Click here to see it happen.

DDOstream is your first stop to find DDO on Twitch! This week, Bachlagore gets some guests, Brock and Friends head into the Forgotten Realms, and Brighter Days Ahead Tonight gets back to its core group!

Also on Twitch, PantheonPlus does the impossible, Strimtom drops off a cliffhanger, and Izukex runs an Alchemist life!

Over on YouTube, DDOJohnO runs Lost at Sea on Reaper 4, Kayleth and the Longhouse celebrate free gaming, and Geek Dragon continues his rogue trek!

Micki runs the high road in her latest blog! Click here to read it.

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Standing Stone Games is making all quests, raids, and expansions free through May! Click here to read more and find out about a free gift to VIPs! 
  • Cordovan does some housekeeping and more in this week's Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream! Click here to see the show.

Screenshot of the Week!

Cerberon takes a screenshot of a new visitor to Stormreach in our 462nd DDO screenshot of the Week! Thanks, Cerberon, for sending in this week's screenshot.

Click here to check out the entire gallery!

Click here to learn how your screenshot could be the next Screenshot of the Week!

That's all for this week's edition of the DDO Chronicle. We'll see you next time!

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